Automatic Gate Drives

Automatic Gate Drives

1.Sliding Gate Operators
AAA Door closers are experienced inthe supplying and installing sliding gate operators. We have experience in working on a variety of different types of gates from smaller private homes, to large apartment blocks, schools and industrial factory sites.

We can install them to timber, steel and other gates. The operators install by AAA Door Closers come with a warranty on both installation and labour and can be made to include such features as being linked with a keyfob access device, sensory detection and remote access entry.

2.Swing Gate Operators

Swing Gate operators can be
installed on double or single swing gates and which open to the left or right.
Swing gate operators can be installed to private homes, estates, apartment
blocks, commercial/industrial sites and where ever else a swing gate may be

Have the convenience of your gate
opening without the need for manual labour, with a warranty on both installation
and labour, you can’t go wrong.

Even if your gates are a long way from the
mains power, AAA Door Closers can install a solar powered system to most gate

To find out whether an automatic boom gate
operator would be suitable for your needs and the accessories available to
compliment it, please contact AAA Door Closers today to discuss the benefits
associated with these products.

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